Detective Division

Detective Division

Captain Anthony McEachin

Commanding Officer

Sergeant Vincent Stufano

Executive Officer

The Detective Division is responsible for investigating and detecting crime within the City of Mount Vernon. Criminal activity that is first reported to the Patrol Division is forwarded to the Detective Division for investigative follow-up, which often requires identification of a suspect and their subsequent apprehension. Additionally, the Detective Division proactively initiates investigations into criminal activity that may otherwise remain unreported to the police. Investigations of this kind often culminate with the execution of a court ordered search warrant and the recovery of contraband, which may include illegally possessed handguns, narcotics, or stolen property.

The reach of the Detective Division extends beyond the borders of Mount Vernon. Locating and extraditing fugitives in foreign lands for serious offenses is a task undertaken by detectives. It is not unusual for investigations to bring detectives outside of New York State and even beyond the borders of the United States. Arrest warrants for a host of criminal offenses, as well as Family Court arrest warrants, are also forwarded to the Detective Division for detectives to locate and arrest the named fugitives in the warrants.

A collaborative model has been utilized by the Detective Division to successfully investigate crime, forming partnerships with neighboring local law enforcement agencies, as well as with The Drug Enforcement Administration, The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and international law enforcement organizations.

The Youth Unit is part of the Detective Division, and is responsible for the administration of the Department’s Internal Affairs Section. Additionally, the Division is tasked with establishing community and youth orientated outreach initiatives in an effort to foster a positive relationship with local citizens.

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